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In medieval monasteries, the scriptorium (“writing space”) was the room used by the monastics to copy and illuminate manuscripts as a part of their ora et labora. The Saxum Institute’s Scriptorium is intended to serve a similar, yet distinctively modern purpose: to pass on the truths of the Catholic faith through a digital and democratic medium, in light of the contemporary experience of God and the world, wherein we make room for the Cross to draw all things to itself (cf. John 12:32).

Submission Guidelines

For those interested in submitting a piece of writing for the Saxum Institute Scriptorium, please email your submission to

It should conform to the following guidelines:

  1. It should be roughly 1,000 words.
  2. It should be submitted in Microsoft Word format.
  3. Assume a broad demographic audience, but do not be afraid of words like “consubstantial”.
  4. Aside from doctrinal orthodoxy, the only limitation on content is that it be related (explicitly or otherwise) to the Saxum Institute’s mission statement: To make the revelation of Christ known, that all may be converted to him, through his Mystical Body, the Church. Within these parameters, a broad spectrum of contributions is welcomed.
  5. Any citations, if necessary, should be in-text, and they need not be rigorous. A mention of name generally suffices. Even “rhetorical citations” are acceptable (e.g. “As the Philosopher says...”).
  6. The Saxum Institute will consider for publication previously published content, assuming that the proper and customary source recognitions are performed.

If a submission is accepted for publication on Saxum Scriptorium, the Editor reserves the right to make grammatical and formatting changes as necessary to maintain textual consistency. Any questions can be addressed to the Editor via email at

- Veritas Vos Liberabit -