God is Infinite.

There’s much to know.

We can Help.

The Saxum Institute is an educational and catechetical foundation in Gibraltar and online designed to hand on the teachings of the Catholic Church, as well as consonant and supporting truths found in literature, art, and culture in addition to philosophy and theology as embodied throughout millennia of Catholic thought.


Our normative modus operandi is to offer multi-session courses on individual topics within those mentioned. Weekly catecheses, thematically independent lectures, short and long online video productions, as well as open-floor discussions are also done and/or coming soon. We’re going big, but starting small, and you’re here quite early.

Making disciples for Christ and teaching them to observe all that He commanded is what we’re about. If you want teachings that are only and always easy, that suit your fancy, and that are merely to soothe your “itching ears” (2 Timothy 4:3), please go somewhere else. If you are seeking to immerse yourself in millennia of Catholicism deep and wide and to know the teachings of Christ unfiltered and untwisted, then you’re in the right place.

Duc in altum.

Meet the Team

“Credo quidquid dixit Dei Filius,
nil hoc verbo veritatis verius.”

- Adoro Te Devote

Jeremy Duo

Husband of one, father of two, friend of a few. Disciple of Christ, son of the Father, worships no other. Bottom line: He’s zealous for his wife and children, and has an insatiable hunger to know, love, and serve God with an equal appetite to share him with others. To help Jeremy do this, he holds theological and philosophical degrees from Franciscan University of Steubenville where he studied under some of the greatest theologians, catechists, philosophers and disciples of Christ in the Church today. Jeremy firmly believes that the study of God never ends, owing to God’s infinitude, and he reflects this in his never-ending personal search for the face of Christ.

Not a fan of long walks on the beach but an avid aficionado of the rural outdoors.

"And the king said, 'Stay at Jericho until your beards grow, and then return.'"

- 2 Sam 10:5

Tim Azopardi

The unseen beating heart of the Saxum Institute, Tim’s the one to keep things together and moving forward. Do you ever get a sense that some people have thirty-six hours in a day instead of the mere mortal twenty-four? That’s Tim: A ferociously hard worker who gets the job done and seemingly takes no rest before the next one. Above all, however, Tim is a fierce lover of Christ and is eager to share that love with anyone. He’s got that special charism to do just that with the ‘younger ones’ and they’ll quickly love him for it. That being said, If anyone loves anything about Tim more than his highly-affable character, it’s his iconic beard. As is often said of him around these parts, Tim is the beard behind Saxum.

He’s a keen aficionado of the culinary world, and he’ll take a long walk on the beach if it’s to get to the other side. He’s practical like that.

“The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.”

G K Chesterton

Patrick Kornmeyer

Really nice guy once you get to know him. Known to wander often through the Shire. Major orc-slayer. Grows elanor at home. Always arrives precisely when he means to. Feared by balrogs. He's memorised the red book.

He'd rather be in a boat looking at the beach than walking upon it.